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How wash my car by hand ?

Clean Your Car

A clean car is appealing and a definite head-turner. It doesn’t matter what car you have, if it’s shining under the sun, people will look twice and admire it. Therefore, you should pay special attention to your vehicle and clean it every once in a while to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing. On the flip side, you shouldn’t wash it every day as that can damage the paint. But every alternate day is a good schedule to give your car a thorough cleaning.

If you have owned a vehicle for a long time you probably know how to clean it, but for new owners, cleaning your car might be foreign! So, for all the newbies, we have compiled a list of items you will need and the methods you should follow to clean your new car.

How to Clean My Car?

There is no rocket science involved in cleaning your car. All you need are the right tools and the motivation to get going. Once you have made up your mind, look for a bright sunny day and begin with the wash, but clean your car in the shade to avoid water marks. Make sure you are not cleaning your car on a cloudy day when there is a chance of rain. Otherwise, all your hard work will amount to nothing.


You want to remove as much dirt and grime from your vehicle as possible, and the best way to do that is by using a pre-wash formula. Many companies make a pre-wash, but you should choose one that has a neutral pH level. After all, you don’t want to damage the paint’s protective layer. The pre-wash will effectively remove stubborn stains and allow you to wash the car properly. The formula goes into every crevice, leaving no place untouched. Moreover, when you get to the main washing stage, you won’t have to work very hard.

Shower with Water

Water is the most important ingredient when it comes to a car wash. You cannot keep your vehicle tidy without it unless you are using a special product that doesn’t require any liquid. To start, spray clean water on your car so that all the fresh dirt and dust washes off by itself. Whatever is left after a wash can be cleaned up later. We’ll tell you how to do that in a second. Meanwhile, once your vehicle gets a splash of water, let it roll off and dry a little. Now, you can proceed with the next step.

Wash your car with Soap

The next thing you have to do is apply some soap or car shampoo. The shampoo you find in the market is specially designed to trap dirt and remove it from the vehicle’s surface. This is what you will need to remove any stubborn stains. Make sure you create a good lather and apply the product unsparingly. Also, it is necessary that you reach all the areas and not leave anything uncovered. Once the shampoo is applied, wait for a few minutes and allow it to work its magic. Then you hop on to the next step.

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Wash Again

Now, you will need to use water again to remove all the dirt and shampoo from your car. Try to be thorough when you are spraying the water and do not leave any shampoo on the surface. If you do not wash the car properly and the shampoo stays on for too long, you can experience rusting. We don’t want that, so be careful.


Repeat if Necessary

Sometimes your car is so dirty that one wash doesn’t do the trick. You will know what we are talking about if you own an SUV or if you have some experience of off-road adventures. You can repeat the process if you fall into that category and you are unsatisfied with the results.

Microfiber Towel to Dry

When you are all done with the wash, it is time to dry the water so that no corrosion occurs. Car bodies are made of sheet metal, and regular washing can become a catalyst for corrosion. So, to be careful and as a caution, dry the water using a good quality towel. You can use the microfiber kind as they are more effective in capturing water and dust. On the other hand, regular towels will help you do the same thing, but they will not be that effective.

Use Body Wax 

Now your car is clean, there is something extra you can do to make it shine. In comes wax/polish. You can give your vehicle’s appearance a big boost with a top-quality wax. It only takes a few minutes to apply and take off, so if you can spare the extra time, polish is a great option. To begin, make sure your car is completely dry and that there is no water on the surface. Use the applicator provided with the product to rub the wax on the vehicle. You should cover the car from top to bottom and ensure that you are moving your hand in a circular motion to apply the polish.

Once all that is done, you have to wait ten to fifteen minutes and then proceed to rub the product off the car. You can use a rubbing machine to do that, but if you are on a budget, a microfiber sleeve or towel can do the same. However, the latter takes more effort and time, so keep that in mind.

After you are finished rubbing the wax, stand back and admire the glory of your clean car. You can pat yourself on the back for the brilliant work you have done!

Cleaning your rims and Wheel

One area that is commonly ignored in a home car wash is the wheel well. The tires pick up a lot of mud and dirt from the road, which deposits inside the wheel well. It is hard to reach that area, but you can reach it easily using a pressure washer. Make sure you are spraying water all around the well. If you do a good job, you will notice your car feels lighter. Moreover, the suspension gets rejuvenated, and the vehicle becomes smoother to drive. You can use a dedicated wheel well cleaner to save yourself from trouble. Such a product will not only save your car’s body from rust but will also help keep the rims shiny and the tires looking healthy.

The Supplies You Need to Clean Your Car

Before you begin cleaning your vehicle, you will need a handful of supplies to help you with the task. These products are not expensive and usually a one-time investment. So, make sure you are buying good quality items in the first instance.

Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is perhaps the most important item you will need to wash your vehicle. It is a dedicated machine that helps you spray pressurized water on the car. It helps in removing stubborn stains and dust from hard to reach areas. For example, you cannot reach the wheel well and clean it properly with a bucket of water. You need a constant stream of water to clear off all the dirt in that spot. Moreover, the same applies to the area under your car. So, you see how a simple pressure washer can help solve your woes. There are different kinds of pressure washers, electric or petrol, and if it’s just to clean your car it doesn’t have to cost too much. You can buy one for less than $200. To get more fun out of using your pressure washer take a look at our gun pressure washer. However, some washers are more expensive and have more power. It is up to you to decide, based on your budget.

Foam Cannon

The second most important supply you will need is a foam cannon. Yes, it is not necessary, but a foam cannon saves time and allows you to cover the entire vehicle in shampoo. Also, you don’t have to mix the shampoo using your hands to create a good lather. The foam machine does all the mixing itself. When you go to a car wash, you can see the workers over there using the cannon to bathe your car. It is satisfying to look at, and surprisingly, it is not very expensive. You can buy foam canon on our website reasonable price. The good thing is, some foam cannons can attach to your pressure washer, so you don’t need a separate machine. There are some priced around $35, while others can cost you $100. That’s a small investment you can make to clean your car.

Microfiber Towel (wipe)

You can’t use just any cloth to wipe your car. It is better to use a microfiber towel. There is a reason for that, and it is a big one. If you use a regular cloth, the dust particles and dirt do not stick to it properly and can damage the paint of your car. In other words, you have to exert more effort to absorb the water that would normally not take you too long. Microfiber cloths have small strands of fiber that are not visible to the naked eye. These fibers trap dust particles and dirt very effectively and absorb the water. Moreover, if there are any small stones mixed with the dust, the microfiber will not allow it to damage the paint when you are rubbing your vehicle.

Liquid Product

The last thing you will need is a top of the line car shampoo or soap. This item is necessary if you want a shiny car after every wash. Also, it is integral to every car cleaning, because, without it, you cannot remove the dirt and dust properly. There are quite a number of these shampoos available on the market, and you can choose whichever one you like. However, it is better to choose the one that performs more than one job. An example are car shampoos and waxes. Such a product is designed to not only clean your vehicle but also give it a lasting shine. When you use this, you don’t have to use a polish or wax separately.

Hand Wash, Why?

Cleanliness and good hygiene is attractive, which is why you wash your car and also why you should keep your hands clean. When you are washing your vehicle, your clothes and hands also get dirty. All the dust and dirt sticks to your hands and apparel, making a mess of things. You should essentially take a shower after every car wash and keep your hygiene up to the mark. But if that’s not possible, keep a sanitizer near you or wet wipes to keep everything clean. Otherwise, a regular hand wash would do the trick.


Washing your hands is about more than mental satisfaction. Your body gets free from germs, and you protect yourself from being sick. If you drink or eat anything with such dirty hands, you might get ill. Therefore keep yourself and others around you protected against any harm by regularly washing your hands after every car wash.

Avoid Bad Cleaning

The other thing you want to avoid is bad cleaning. When you wash off the car, unclean water runs off onto your clothes and can make them dirty. Then when you are drying the vehicle using a towel, your clothes touch the car and make it dirty again. Talk about destroying all your hard work in a matter of seconds. Make sure you are responsible for the cleaning job, so you don’t have to repeat the process. After all, the objective is to clean your car and make it presentable. You defeat the purpose if you’re complacent.


When Do I Clean My Car?

That’s a very good question, and thankfully the answer is simple. You should clean your vehicle when you feel it is looking dirty. A wash is necessary when you’ve been on the highway or on an off-road adventure. You want the fresh mud and dust to clear off before it becomes stubborn and you’re not able to take it off. Sometimes, leaving your car unclean can damage the paint, so you have to be very vigilant.

Furthermore, you should clean your vehicle when you can see dust particles on the paint’s surface. Yes, the dust can blow away with some wind, but you shouldn’t take any chances. You can do a quick fix and clean the exterior with a microfiber towel. Such a towel cleans the surface and makes it look as good as new. Sometimes, you can get away with not cleaning your car for a few days by using a microfiber towel. But if there’s too much dust, you should wash your vehicle every alternate day. This way, your car looks good, and you don’t ever have to worry about aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

In essence, you have to keep your car clean and use the right materials to do the work. If you’re using the right materials then you can stay relaxed knowing that whenever you go out people will be looking twice. There is no better feeling than that. The boasting rights you get with an attractive vehicle are something else.



So what are you waiting for?

Wash your car! 🧽

How wash my car by hand ?
How wash my car by hand ?

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