As big car enthusiasts, we like to have our cars clean.
High pressure washing is great for a quick wash or to roughen up before a more thorough cleaning. It also allows you to clean the underbody and bumpers with precision and avoids micro-scratches because there is no contact with the paint.


This is one of the central questions in car detailing: how can you wash your car well while avoiding scratches, micro-scratches, marring, swirls and other marks?

The goal is to use the right car wash practice and the right products/accessories to keep your car looking good for as long as possible.

The paint on modern cars is delicate and requires your full attention and care to keep it looking great.


1- Pressure washer

Use your pressure washer or the one at the car wash to rinse the vehicle completely.



Consists of spraying a foam that will encapsulate the debris and dirt, loosen them from the surface and cause them to fall to the ground (without contact). To do this, you can use a foam gun.


3- Wash your car

There are different methods to wash a car well but the most effective is the two buckets + one wash mitt method.


Each bucket (wash and rinse) must have a grit guard at the bottom, to retain debris and dirt at the bottom of the bucket.


Your car shampoo (or car soap) is both present to clean the surfaces, but also serves as a lubricant. This allows you to clean the surface of any remaining dirt, while avoiding damage to the surface as much as possible, by encapsulating the dirt.


4- To dry your vehicle

Drying towels (quality ones!) or a blower or both

The goal is to absorb or eliminate all water on surfaces and in small spaces like mirrors, bumper grills, fuel door, doorways, rims, etc.


The blower is sometimes less convenient, as it moves the water, but has the advantage of drying WITHOUT contact with the surfaces. The combination of the two is excellent.


When your car is well protected, it will be easier to dry during future washes, especially with a blower, because the water will leak from the surface.