Wash your car

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Washing your car regularly helps keep your body in good condition.

Most cars are subjected to many contaminants on a daily basis such as road particles, brake dust and bird droppings. By regularly cleaning your car and removing these contaminants before they attack your car’s paint, you will extend the life of your car’s exterior.

Washing your car by hand is a simple task that can be accomplished with basic cleaning products (Soap, Gun pressure Washer…) . If you want to hand wash your car, below are several tips that will help you achieve a professional and satisfactory finish.

– Park your car out of direct sunlight. This will prevent your car from drying out too quickly, which causes water marks to appear on your body.

– Keep your cleaning supplies near your car, i.e. a bucket of hot water with cleaning formula and a bucket of cold water to wash utensils such as sponges and rags.

– Make sure all the windows and doors of your car are closed and if possible, remove the antenna.

– If you have a hose, use it to remove dirt from the outside of your car.

– Wash your car one part at a time using the sponge and hot soapy water. It is best to start with the roof of your car and wash from top to bottom. Make sure you rinse the dirt off your sponge regularly.

– After each part of the car is cleaned, be sure to rinse it with cold water, using either the hose or the water bucket.

– As you continue to wash your car, make sure the rest of your car stays wet: it’s better to use a rag to dry your entire car when you’re done cleaning it than to let it air dry.

– Wash the lowest part of your car and the rims last: these will usually be the dirtiest parts of your car.

– Wash your hubcaps using a wheel cleaning brush if you have one, otherwise use a cloth. If possible, use the hose to remove any remaining dirt.

– Rinse the bottom of your car and wheels using clean, cold water (either with the hose or the water bucket).

Dry your car using a microfiber towel. Doing this rather than letting your car air dry will prevent water spots from forming. These marks are caused by mineral deposits in the water: when the water evaporates, the mineral deposits are left on the car’s body, creating marks.

– Apply varnish or wax if you wish, more simple you can apply finisher.

– By washing your car by hand, you will also be more willing to inspect the body of your car and notice scratches, discoloration, or corrosion.
By noticing these defects early on, you can rectify them more quickly.