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Which tools need for cleaning car ?

Washing your car is the most important step in the detailing and cosmetic process. Indeed, you must pay the greatest attention to this step, whether it is for a routine wash (also called maintenance wash) or for the big washes before correcting any defects. Indeed, this is a very sensitive step during which many amateurs do micro scratches on their bodywork. This results in angel hair, also called micro scratches.

However, with a few good reflexes, the right products and the right accessories for washing, you can perfectly avoid these famous micro scratches.

Choosing your material and tools, which you need for your car maintenance its very important, you must privilege the quality and the reliability of your choices, while optimizing your expenses. Wash your car with Our Tools !

The 80/20 rule
This is Pareto’s law or Pareto’s principle:

80% of the results achieved come from 20% of the actions taken.
80% of sales come from 20% of customers.
By extrapolation:

80% of the cleaning comes from 20% of the tools.
So, what are the 20% of detailing tools/accessories that will generate the most cleanliness to your vehicle?

Detailing bucket

The buckets have a very long life, take a good quality bucket with a grid inside to retain the dirt, preferably choose a bucket with wheels.

You must have 3 seals dispatched as such:

1 bucket for the wheels
1 bucket to wash the car
1 bucket to rinse the dirty tools

A trick is to write on the bucket what it is used for. You can also choose different colored lids to distinguish them even more.

Detailling Brush

Indispensable to clean your vehicle in depth, our different brushes will allow you to remove the dirt from the interior and exterior of your car. Each of our brushes are used for bodywork, leather, fabric, alcantara….

Microfiber Towel

Of course, if you take good quality towel they will last in time, we recommend you to change them 2 or 3 time per year to be sure your dont make tourbillon on your car.
Use différent towel for rims & car paint.

A microfiber glove

To make washing your car easier, you can also invest in a microfiber glove. It allows you to retain dirt and dust without scratching your bodywork and leaving marks.

We advise you to have a washing glove dedicated to the wheels, one for the bodywork and another one for the underbody which is always more contaminated. (Yes, in detailing we are picky!)

Brush for Rims

As its name suggests, the all-purpose brush goes everywhere! This car wash accessory is ideal for cleaning your car in detail and getting into the smallest nooks and crannies. Its semi-hard bristles allow you to clean your wheels in depth. Different handle lengths are available depending on the surfaces you wish to clean and their accessibility.


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