Foam cannon

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What is a foam cannon ?

You have certainly already seen a kind of intense foam during the detailing phases. This snow foam has the function to allow washing (or pre-washing) without contact before any other product is applied. It is created by a foam gun where water, shampoo and air are mixed.

The foam gun is composed of:

  • A connector attached to the handle of a high pressure cleaner
  • A bottle that holds the liquid cleaning product
  • A rotary knob to adjust the water/soap mixture
  • An adjustable nozzle

Why use a foam cannon?

The foam from the foam gun is a cleaning product specifically designed to absorb or encapsulate as much dirt as possible. It won’t remove everything, but it will make it easier to rinse off the dirt. Any dirt removed by this non-contact, non-mechanical method will prevent the paint from being swirled by mechanical washing with a wash product and will keep your rinse water cleaner, longer.

It will also make it easier to clean the surface while washing. The foam gun is specially designed to apply the pre-wash foam in the best possible way.

As much aeration as possible will give more foam, clinging longer and better to the surface. In addition to the maintenance required, the foam gun is a good way to clean with minimal risk. Use our Detailing Supplies to clean your car!

How to use a foam cannon?

Check your product label to see what the best ratio to use is. On average, it’s about 1:10 or 1:30.

This means that a 500 ml bottle is filled with 450 ml of water and 50 ml of liquid product (1:10) or 480 ml of water and 20 ml of foam gun product (1:30).

Adding the product last prevents the mixture from foaming when water is added to fill the bottle.

After filling, the bottle is screwed onto the foam gun. When you turn on your pressure washer and pull the trigger, the water will begin to flow. You may need to turn the knob to adjust the mixture to get the best foam.

Point the foam wand at the surface and cover the area to be cleaned. Leave the foam on for several minutes so that the dirt is directed to the floor, then rinse.

Maintenance of a foam gun

After use, it is best to fill the bottle with clean water and rinse the foam gun until there is no more foam coming from the nozzle.

Each time you use the foam gun, it is helpful to unscrew the black nozzle and remove the mesh filter. Clean it under hot running water and dry it. This is simple maintenance that will keep your foam gun in good condition longer.


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